Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

In consideration of the receipt of confidential information supplied by Vermont Business Brokers pertaining to a business or property, I hereby agree to the following:

  1. Use said information only for the purpose of evaluating the business or property toward a possible purchase by me, and not for the purpose of operating or starting a competitive business;
  2. To share said information only with my lawyer and/or accountant;
  3. Request prior approval by Vermont Business Brokers to release any and all information regarding listings to other parties. To advise Vermont Business Brokers of the name(s) and relationship(s) of any person(s) to whom I will be disclosing this information. Provide Vermont Business Brokers with a signed non-disclosure agreement from these parties prior to release of any information.
  4. To treat confidentially all knowledge of the business or property being for sale.
  5. That all visits and showings will have prior approval of VBB. All inquires and discussions to be made through Vermont Business Brokers unless prior approval is granted by Vermont Business Brokers.
  6. To return all information furnished plus any copies directly to VBB at the request of VBB. To delete any and all information in computer.
  7. To make all discussions and requests for additional information directly through VBB.
  8. The undersigned further agrees that he or she will not interfere with any operations of the business through the use of any information or knowledge acquired under this agreement.
  9. It is fully understood that any information provided by VBB is believed to be accurate but is not warranted by VBB. Buyers should not consider the information supplied due diligence with regard to the purchase of the business and/or property.
  10. All offers and negotiations for the purchase of the business or property shall be directly handled by Vermont Business Brokers.
  11. I understand that Vermont Business Brokers represents the seller.
  12. I have not altered the wording of this Agreement. I have read and understand this agreement.
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