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Over 35 years of successful business sales in Vermont.

Identifying value, making the decision to sell, developing a marketing strategy, listing, and reaching a successful conclusion in the sale of your business are all important steps. Each step must be given extensive time and effort to achieve the level of comfort and understanding necessary for your ultimate satisfaction with the entire process.


We understand your need for confidentiality. We recognize sensitivities with regard to employees, customers, suppliers, banking relationships and of course the competition. Information shared with VBB is held in strict confidence and is handled in a delicate and professional manner. No information is ever released without your direct instruction.

Buyer Management

One of the complaints we hear most often from business owners who try sell themselves is that dealing with all the potential buyers is a major headache.  At VBB, buyers are managed in a way that takes the stress and time consumption off of the seller’s plate.

Each buyer goes through an informational form containing important questions leading us to understand his or her potential for purchasing a particular business. This form is followed up with a required confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. If a buyer is deemed to have the ability to purchase the business for which he or she inquired, they will then receive a profile including detailed business and financial information.

Successful Conclusion

Please see our Clients Page for examples of businesses we have successfully sold.


Talk with a broker at Vermont Business Brokers so that we can fully explain how we can work for you and what you can expect from us. We will listen and learn about your business, your needs and objectives. We will work with you to determine a Fair Market Value for your business. In most cases, we can reach an opinion of the FMV for a business after diligent review of the last three years of financial information along with an accurate description of the tangible assets to be transferred. A short question and answer session is often required in order to accurately identify any hidden benefits of ownership, which will translate to additional Seller Discretionary Earnings.

Our goal, in step one, is to prepare an evaluation understandable by both you and potential buyers. It is important that all parties to the transaction realize and understand the value and that information and the calculations can withstand diligent scrutiny by accountants, lawyers and lending institutions.

Opinion of Value

We use many methods to arrive at our opinion of value:

1.  Capitalized Income Approach to Value.
2.  Asset Approach to Value taking into consideration both tangible assets, such as; furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, inventory, real estate, etc. and intangible assets, such as; goodwill, customer lists, years in business, contracts, intellectual property, covenants, recipes, transition assistance, etc..
3. Cash Flow Measurement Approach to Value setting the business in a real world scenario, taking into consideration expenses such as: Owner’s Compensation, Operating Capital, Reserve Capital Requirements and Debt Service.
4. Rules of Thumb (as a reality check).
5. Industry Multipliers.
6. Reconciliation where a range of value is determined taking into consideration the various terms and conditions under which a business can be sold.

Vermont Business Brokers have worked closely in the industry of sales and acquisitions of business in the State of Vermont. We are knowledgeable about industry trends and demographics. We don’t lose focus when evaluating the strength of the “Platform” and the equity created through a seller’s hard work.


Vermont Business Brokers operates under the rules and regulations set forth by the Vermont Real Estate Commission. Vermont Business Brokers is a fully licensed Vermont Real Estate Brokerage. In most listings we establish a client-agent relationship through a document known as an Exclusive Right to Market Contract. We will negotiate the terms and commission rate based on a number of factors, which we openly discuss during the process of listing. Most important is the fact that we work for you. Our fiduciary responsibilities are to you, the client.     In step one we discussed Fair Market Value, however now is the time to discuss marketing strategy. Businesses don’t sell and buyers don’t buy unless a ‘win-win’ situation is created. All parties to the transaction must realize value, it is the catalyst to successful closings. We have a profound understanding of the relationship between listing price and fair market value.

We design and publish a marketing profile, advertise using methods which protect confidentiality and continually contact interested buyers from our extensive data base of customers, which has been developed and maintained over our 26 years in business.


We work hard with the right buyers to get Letters of Intent to purchase. We negotiate on your behalf. Once an agreement is reached we continue to coordinate the transaction. We can introduce buyers to local bankers, accountants and attorneys and work with them throughout the process. We can help buyers apply for licenses and business permits. Importantly, we will keep you advised of the progress right through until closing.

When you employ Vermont Business Brokers you can continue to run your business as usual during the marketing process. We will handle the advertising, inquiries, qualify potential buyers, arrange confidential showings with plenty of advance notice under confidential conditions, bring forward offers, negotiate the transaction, and follow the process right through to closing.

If you are interested to find out if NOW is the right time to sell your business and what is Vermont Business Brokers opinion, please, contact a broker today. All inquiries are confidential.


Have questions? We do too. We welcome the opportunity to talk through the details of your business and how we would consider marketing it for sale. Please contact us today!